Author: Neil Pasricha

Why You Feel Successful But Still Aren’t Happy

Neil Pasricha

Most of our successes fall into one of three categories, and we can rarely have all of them at once. “How can I succeed?” It’s a question many of us ask ourselves and have trouble answering. Because what is success,

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If Your Talk Doesn’t Do These Three Things, Don’t Give It

Neil Pasricha

Whether you’re giving a toast at a wedding or a big keynote address at a trade show, you know you need to get your act together. What you may not know is how. After all, there’s separate advice out there for giving impromptu speeches like

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Find your passion by taking this test

Neil Pasricha

Be you, be yourself, be authentic. Have you heard this before? We’re always telling our friends and our kids to follow their hearts. Chase your dreams! Do what you love! Just love what you’re doing and the money will follow!

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