What’s YOUR least effective type of communication?

Think for a minute… What’s your LEAST favorite type of communication? For example, do you dislike networking events? Or speaking in front of a crowd? Or explaining the same exact process, over and over? We all have certain types of

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone for Peak Performance

My husband and I recently spent a week in Hong Kong visiting my little sister, who spent the summer teaching there at a local university. Upon our arrival, we consulted with a friend of hers to plan our first day

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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Industry Meetings

If you are a business leader or business owner you had better check out when your next industry conference, meeting or event is on and you had better buy a ticket, and you had better get a seat in the

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Four Letters that Make a Successful Team

Many people assume any group of people can automatically be a team, but teams often fail due to personality differences among its members. To improve your team’s chances for success, use the four “DISC” behavioral styles when building a team.

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Think You’re Too Busy to Practice Mindfulness? Think Again

The most forward-looking companies are willing to take risks to achieve greatness. Most leaders give lip service to this idea, but few actually do it. We have worked with banks willing to take on toxic assets (again) and hedge funds

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5 Ways HPU President Nido Qubein Mentors Students

It’s National Mentoring Month. However, High Point University celebrates and fosters mentorship year-round. One of HPU’s most prolific advocates for mentorship is university President Nido Qubein. Through one-on-one meetings, course offerings and more, Dr. Qubein guides students to become the

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Marketing to the Modern Woman

It’s been called the SHE-conomy – the more than $5 trillion – yes, TRILLION – that U.S. women spend on consumer goods and services each year.  To give you some context for just how big of an economic engine women

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Stop with the Customer Service Excuses

Customer service excuses leave the customer more frustrated, frequently irritated and certainly surprised. In two recent situations, excuses weren’t necessary. Ownership and action would have responded to the issues quickly. In the first encounter, I called a photography studio to

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Reach your goal faster with this science-based brain trick

There are few better ways to witness the sheer power of human potential than to watch a runner cross the finish line of a marathon. It’s incredible to see months and years of training, determination and self-discipline culminating in one

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3 Insights About YOU (and Your Team)

Conflict can rip a team apart, skyrocketing resentment against management or even pitting co-workers against each other. But office conflicts will calm down, or even dissolve entirely, once people understand each other’s differing Advantages. Once you know someone’s Advantages, you

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Using a Technology Halo to Increase your Customer WOW Factor

This article by Corey White of Future Point of View, Scott Klososky’s consulting firm, was first published on Technology Story. A quick keyword search on Google reports that in the month of October the term “digital marketing” was searched 135,000

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Dr. Tony Alessandra Interview on The Legacy Project

This interview of Dr. Tony Alessandra was originally published on The Legacy Project. The Legacy Project is an initiative that hopes to inspire you through providing you with unlimited access to extraordinary individuals, each of whom have achieved Greatness in

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6 Invaluable Lessons My Clients Taught Me in 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over. I had so many incredible opportunities to help companies large and small build more “bankable” leaders and therefore more bankable businesses. As is always the case, my clients taught me some powerful lessons that haven’t

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From Stress to Happiness and Productivity – Podcast

Michelle Gielan, national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher, is the bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness. Michelle is the Founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and is partnered with Arianna Huffington to study how transformative stories fuel

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Uber vs Taxi: A lesson in adapting to market trends

The Uber transport phenomenon has upset people all over the world. Some people absolutely love it and some people categorically hate it. Uber users love it. Taxi companies hate it. I don’t have any sympathy for the taxi companies, and

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Does Your Office Have a Positive Vibe?

Help people fall in love with your company. In any line of work, there’s a good chance you do your fair of selling. You’re selling your ideas, your products, even yourself. Maybe you’re not in sales—but don’t forget to sell

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Howard Putnam: Developing a Successful Corporate Culture

This interview with VIBE Keynote Speaker Howard Putnam first appeared on Nightclub & Bar. Attendees of the 2016 VIBE Conference will have the opportunity to hear an inspiring story of vision, innovation and leadership. Howard Putnam, the former CEO of

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Your Little Zone of Genius

Your DNA is 99.9% the same as everyone else’s. The teeny, tiny .1% that’s different is your distinct value. It describes the best of how the world sees you, and how you are most likely to rise above and stand

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To See Solutions, Look at Problems From Everyone’s Perspective

I recently spent a week in Manila with one of my favorite clients. The trip was fantastic, but getting there was, to put it mildly, a bit of a nightmare. After many hours of hopelessly boarding and deplaning a Hong

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4 Positive Communication Habits for Business Success

This article by Deborah Mitchell was originally published on Entrepreneur. When working in broadcast news, whether as on-air talent or behind the camera as a producer, you have an incredible amount of power to determine the type of information shared with viewers.

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