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Ten Tips for Effective Listening

Dr. Tony Alessandra

For many of us, talking can come pretty easy especially when it’s about something we’re interested in. But effective listening? That’s another story… Effective listening is more of a learned skill than a common characteristic. Learning how to listen effectively

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Is Happiness the Key to Success?

Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor has dedicated his life to studying the relationship between happiness and success. A New York Times best-selling author and speaker whose TED talk has been viewed nearly 14 million times, he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations around the world find

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The Right Kind of Stress Can Bond Your Team Together

Shawn Achor

Last fall, I did a documentary with HBO, directed by Peter Berg and produced by Michael Strahan, called State of Play: Happiness. In the film, we explored how to create a positive culture in organizations where the culture or conditions make it difficult to

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Optimists Are Better at Finding New Jobs

Michelle Gielan

Given that I’m a happiness researcher, you might think I’d strive to help people eliminate unhappiness in their careers. But unhappiness actually serves a crucial function, signaling the need for change, prompting us to switch companies or fields, or even just motivating

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Positivity in the Workplace: Q&A with Happiness Expert Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor

This article was originally published on Wrike, by Brianna Hansen, May 9, 2016.  How do you define happiness? How do you think it relates to the productivity of your team? Are your employees and coworkers happy? These answers affect more

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The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Praise at Work

Shawn Achor

In The Happiness Advantage, I describe an experience with a leader at a Fortune 100 company who told me, “We don’t need a happiness program; we pay people to be engaged.” This is a surprisingly common refrain from unenlightened leaders, an assumption based

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Think You’re Too Busy to Practice Mindfulness? Think Again

Michelle Gielan

The most forward-looking companies are willing to take risks to achieve greatness. Most leaders give lip service to this idea, but few actually do it. We have worked with banks willing to take on toxic assets (again) and hedge funds

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4 Positive Communication Habits for Business Success

Michelle Gielan

This article by Deborah Mitchell was originally published on Entrepreneur. When working in broadcast news, whether as on-air talent or behind the camera as a producer, you have an incredible amount of power to determine the type of information shared with viewers.

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Why Humble Leaders Inspire Loyal Teams

Dr. Tasha Eurich

Last week, my mom told me a gem of a story. She was 23 and had just started her first year as a high school English teacher. One day, she got out the record player as part of a lesson,

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3 Uncommon Ways to Drive Happiness in the Workplace

Shawn Achor

This article by Mark C. Crowley featuring an interview with Shawn Achor  was originally published on Fast Company.  Engagement is the holy grail of workplace satisfaction. Here are three new ways to think about your employees’ happiness. By the late

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Leadership Behaviors Required for a Customer Focused Culture

Lisa Ford, customer service skills

Culture is reflected in how people behave. It is a given if you want to change your culture, you must change behaviors. Leaders set the example as they demonstrate it’s about everyone’s behavior. Leadership has to be focused on the

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What We Believe About Others Comes True

Dr. Tasha Eurich

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I’m a leadership geek. I try to use my geek powers for good and not for evil. So this week, I want to talk about how the best-or bankable-leaders get the

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Interview with Scott Klososky: The Changing Face of Leadership

  Scott Klososky shares his thoughts with the American Staffing Association on how the staffing industry can use technology to hone its competitive advantage and position itself for future success – a preview of his highly anticipated keynote presentation at

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9 Tools for Nurturing a High Performance Team!

Desi Williamson has led a diverse career as a corporate sales and marketing executive, entrepreneur, motivational coach for the Minnesota Vikings, and now restaurant owner. In 2010, he opened three Dickey’s Barbecue restaurants in Minneapolis. Desi’s Impact!! Restaurant Group, LLC

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The Art of Delegation

The ability to delegate sets leaders apart from followers. That is because many people find it difficult to give up control. Delegating duties and responsibilities is essential in today’s downsized organizations. The following key points will help you master the

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