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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone for Peak Performance

Dr. Tasha Eurich

My husband and I recently spent a week in Hong Kong visiting my little sister, who spent the summer teaching there at a local university. Upon our arrival, we consulted with a friend of hers to plan our first day

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Reach your goal faster with this science-based brain trick

Shawn Achor

There are few better ways to witness the sheer power of human potential than to watch a runner cross the finish line of a marathon. It’s incredible to see months and years of training, determination and self-discipline culminating in one

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Dr. Tony Alessandra Interview on The Legacy Project

Dr. Tony Alessandra

This interview of Dr. Tony Alessandra was originally published on The Legacy Project. The Legacy Project is an initiative that hopes to inspire you through providing you with unlimited access to extraordinary individuals, each of whom have achieved Greatness in

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6 Invaluable Lessons My Clients Taught Me in 2015

Dr. Tasha Eurich

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over. I had so many incredible opportunities to help companies large and small build more “bankable” leaders and therefore more bankable businesses. As is always the case, my clients taught me some powerful lessons that haven’t

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You are awesome… just the way you are.

My little girl stood for an hour on a San Francisco street corner, as hundreds of people rushed past after work. She held up a sign to each person who passed, no matter how they dressed or walked or looked.

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Nido Qubein: Believe you can be extraordinary

Dr. Nido Qubein

I left my home some 7,000 miles away with little money in my pocket. I was eager – and just 17. My father had died when I was 6, and I came to America for college with the words of

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You!

Rowdy McLean

I get to work with a lot of executive management groups across the globe; helping them develop strategies to play a bigger game, achieve more, be more, do more and have more. I find the dynamics and interactions of these

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Simple Ways to Play a Bigger Game

Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean absolutely loves the game of business and the game of life! The author of Play a Bigger Game, Rowdy has a no nonsense approach to motivation, leadership and business in a way that people “get.” In this podcast interview on Small Business-Big

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The Science Behind Baby Steps: How to Tackle Goals Big and Small

Dr. Tasha Eurich

Last weekend, on a beautiful Colorado spring day, I went for my first bike ride of the season. I was huffing and puffing up an especially endless hill, gazing longingly at the top — it felt miles away. I’ll never make it, I groaned. I’m

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Should you “Fail Faster” for Success?

Jim Cathcart

A colleague asked me recently how I felt about the popular advice, “Fail Faster.” Some highly successful entrepreneurs and innovators have recommended that increasing the failure rate will accelerate the arrival of success. Not true. I agree with their underlying intent,

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Teach Yourself to See Opportunities

Jim Cathcart

Contagious Optimism LIVE is a suite of uplifting and motivational talks by real people from around the world along with coauthors from the Contagious Optimism bestselling book series. These LIVE events also include powerful music and entertainment throughout the day. The

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5 Sure Ways to Fail in Business and in Life

Dr. Nido Qubein

Habits to Ditch if You Want to Succeed When someone falls down in life, there is probably something that pushed them down. Whether it’s a prevailing negative attitude about everything and everyone, or a good, bad or indifferent personality that

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Be Realistic: There Is No Limit to What You Can Do

Have you ever thought about what you could do, if you really decided to? I’m not merely talking about what your skills, education and talents are capable of. I’m talking about what is really possible for you. There is a

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6 Steps to Accomplishing a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

“Put your head down and get to work!” Wow. That’s not something we really want to hear from anyone. But that’s what I shouted at myself, while riding 5 miles per hour, up a hill, into a 30 mile per

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What Motivates Your Employees?

“I just can’t seem to motivate these people.” I often hear that from corporate leaders. I tell them: “Stop trying. You’ll never be able to motivate them.” The advice of a quitter? Not at all, because the next thing I

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6 Ways to Stay Motivated

Not everyone can remain “up,” optimistic, and energetic all the time. We all wax and wane in our moods, outlook, and energy levels. That’s normal. People who are “up” most of the time have many methods to their madness. Adopt

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Ten Principles of Motivation

One of the questions I hear most often from executives is “How do I motivate my employees to do the things I want them to do?” The answer is: You don’t! We can’t motivate people. They are already motivated. But

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The Right Step: Overcome the Insurmountable

The British knighted Sir Edmund Hillary for going where no one had gone before. Hillary was the New Zealand mountain climber who, along with Tenzing Norgay of Nepal, became the first to climb the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest,

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The Eight T’s of Self-Empowerment

  Motivate Yourself a Little Bit When it comes to motivating yourself, here are eight words (each start with “T”) that you can use for self-empowerment. Anytime you want to empower and motivate yourself for more achievement, simply ask these

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How to Master Change in Your Life – Interview with Desi Williamson

Desi Williamson has mastered the art of empowering people.  After surviving the mean streets of St. Louis, a successful career in sales and marketing, and a Hall-of-Fame career in professional speaking, Williamson had a serious fall and suffered a broken

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