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Ten Tips for Effective Listening

Dr. Tony Alessandra

For many of us, talking can come pretty easy especially when it’s about something we’re interested in. But effective listening? That’s another story… Effective listening is more of a learned skill than a common characteristic. Learning how to listen effectively

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The Right Kind of Stress Can Bond Your Team Together

Shawn Achor

Last fall, I did a documentary with HBO, directed by Peter Berg and produced by Michael Strahan, called State of Play: Happiness. In the film, we explored how to create a positive culture in organizations where the culture or conditions make it difficult to

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7 Ways Leaders Can Inspire Commitment to Goals

Dr. Nido Qubein

How to build your dream team and lead them to victory How do great leaders inspire others to commit themselves to their goals? It’s not just that they have charismatic personalities, or that they give a lot of high-energy motivational

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Four Letters that Make a Successful Team

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Many people assume any group of people can automatically be a team, but teams often fail due to personality differences among its members. To improve your team’s chances for success, use the four “DISC” behavioral styles when building a team.

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3 Insights About YOU (and Your Team)

Sally Hogshead

Conflict can rip a team apart, skyrocketing resentment against management or even pitting co-workers against each other. But office conflicts will calm down, or even dissolve entirely, once people understand each other’s differing Advantages. Once you know someone’s Advantages, you

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What high-performing teams do differently

Sally Hogshead

Why do some teams get extraordinary results, while others struggle just to finish mundane tasks? Why do certain teams glide to victory, while others can’t even cross the finish line? What’s the difference? Here you go: 50% of the difference

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How to Build Effective Teams Based on Personality Type

Dr. Tony Alessandra

This article was originally published on HubSpot. “Round up the usual suspects,” the gendarme ordered in the famous line from the movie Casablanca. And frequently, that is how executives think when they create teams, committees, or task forces. The boss

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Shawn Achor: The Key to Great Teams – The “glue guys or gals”

Who is the most important person on a team? If you follow sports, you know commentators will often talk about the “glue guys” or “glue gals” who hold their teams together in the midst of challenge and are largely responsible

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Persistence & Discipline: Lessons from Super Bowl XLVII

  My 15 years on the field as an NFL official have provided a different perspective on this game which now attracts world-wide interest. I was fortunate to officiate two Super Bowls, VI and XII. I remember those two games,

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