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High Performance Organizations Go Through Transformation Constantly

Howard Putnam

“The rules of engagement have changed” in government and in business. They also changed in aviation on 9-11. We learned that negotiation no longer works with suicide killers. We have to be proactive and take charge and the same is

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How to Build a Lasting Legacy During The Digital Transformation Era

Scott Klososky

In order to leave a lasting legacy, business leaders in the integration industry must capitalize on the new opportunities technology is providing their businesses and aim to achieve the nine elements of digital maturity. This article by Rachel Quetti was

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Achieving Digital Maturity: The Transformative Characteristics of Digitally Mature Organizations

Scott Klososky

If you’ve heard me speak, you’ve heard me say the term “digital transformation.” It’s more than a buzzword; it’s the historic period we are currently experiencing. Digital transformation is creating a revolution in business, industry, and daily life. We are

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How to Transform Organizations Successfully

Howard Putnam

How do you know how to transform a business if you were born on an Iowa farm? That was the key…the Iowa farm, a foundation.   I learned from my Parents the value of:  integrity, honesty, family, team work and helping

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Interview with Howard Putnam: Thought Leader in Aviation

Howard Putnam

This interview with Howard Putnam was posted on the JDA Aviation Technology Solutions blog on October 2013. The Airliner Deregulation Act was passed in 1978, but the freedoms of an unfettered market took years to create real changes in airline

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Scott Klososky: IT Leaders and Tech Trends of the Future

Scott Klososky

“NASCIO 2016: CIOs Must Spün-Feed Culture Change,” by David Stegon was published on StateTech Magazine on May 4, 2016. Author and keynote speaker, Scott Klososky encourages government leaders to make their organizations fertile ground where IT can flourish. The audience admittedly

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HPU President Nido Qubein Announces Major Expansion

Dr. Nido Qubein

This article was published on April 27, 2016 by High Point University. The time is now for High Point to ignite change that will lead it to become one of the premier cities in North Carolina for business, tourism and education.

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Uber vs Taxi: A lesson in adapting to market trends

Rowdy McLean

The Uber transport phenomenon has upset people all over the world. Some people absolutely love it and some people categorically hate it. Uber users love it. Taxi companies hate it. I don’t have any sympathy for the taxi companies, and

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4 Positive Communication Habits for Business Success

Michelle Gielan

This article by Deborah Mitchell was originally published on Entrepreneur. When working in broadcast news, whether as on-air talent or behind the camera as a producer, you have an incredible amount of power to determine the type of information shared with viewers.

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How to Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Ones

Shawn Achor

We often think that if we had more choices, it would be easier to change our lives. In fact, we do have plenty of choices, but we don’t change. What we really need in our lives to make a positive

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Millionaire Motivator – Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean

The second month of 2015 is almost behind us.  How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? According to Dr. Tasha Eurich, one study shows “54 percent give up on their resolutions within six months — and only 8 percent ultimately

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Play a Bigger Game with Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean likes to live life on the edge. He challenges the average and interrupts the status quo. Playing a Bigger Game is Rowdy McLean’s life story, overcoming adversity and challenges to achieve remarkable results. Ben Fewtrell, host of ActionCOACH Business Brain Food

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The difference between those that do & those that don’t!

Rowdy McLean

What’s the difference between those that do and those that don’t? After decades of asking myself and thousands of others that same question, I have come to the conclusion that your success comes down to just one thing. Whether you’re

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Mission: An Extraordinary Education Led by Dr. Nido Qubein

Dr. Nido Qubein

An Extraordinary Education at High Point University by Ellie Baldini was featured in US Airways Magazine, November 2014. Education of the whole person is the mantra at High Point University (HPU, in North Carolina. Founded in 1924, this private liberal arts

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How to Work Towards Your Goals

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Goals are the most important tools you need to accomplish anything, and there are certain steps you can take to complete your goals after you’ve made them. There are certain areas you need to consider while you work towards your

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