Speakers Reviews

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Kelly McDonald

Kelly, you knocked it out of the park! On our evaluations you received a cumulative score of 3.9 (4.0 would be PERFECT)! Some speakers don’t get it – you listened and delivered the goods – just like I knew you would.  Hope our paths cross again– keep spreading the word! –Western Association of Chamber Executives

Sally Hogshead

“Sally, I can’t thank you enough. You over delivered. The audience loved you. Here are some of the many  great comments you got so you can see how well your message was received.  Thank you so much for making the 2016 Secret Service Summit the best ever!”

  • Fabulous energy!!! Such poise and confidence in her presentation, tons of take home and inspiration !!!!!! Loved it! !!
  • It was eye opening to be pointed to myself instead of only looking at what I want to accomplish.  Sally explained the critical nexus between the two.
  • She made me want to be fascinating 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading her book, thank you again for the gift!

–CEO, The DiJulius Group

Sally Hogshead

“Sally’s authenticity and passion as a person and subject matter expert made her the highlight of our conference. Our providers have  traditionally focused on being better, and learned that being different is the key to fascinating their patients! Our brand is full of passion and changes people’s lives. Sally’s message motivated our team to share our passion with our providers and patients all over the world.” –CEO, Six Month Smiles, LLC

Lisa Ford

“Lisa presented to a packed house, with over 300 people in attendance. We were very pleased, as were the attendees, as Lisa received a very strong rating in the feedback survey (over 95% said they enjoyed the presentation very much!). Her casual presentation style was well received as well and she is so relatable.” –The Enrollment Management Association

Michelle Gielan

“Michelle Gielan had us at hello with her infectious smile and energetic personality. But it was the practical ways we can put the research and ideas she shared that had everyone buzzing. Some attendees said they were skeptical at first ‘here’s another think positive speaker,’ but left very impressed and motivated by Michelle’s message. One of our best speakers ever.” –Gary Vann, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Mighty Auto Parts

Dr. Tasha Eurich

“Tasha, I got some GREAT feedback about your sessions:

  • Was one of the best speakers from the entire program
  • I felt like I was watching a live TED talk
  • The most relevant and timely content

Thank you so much for your time as I know it was a great value to the participants.”
–Polycom, Inc. 

Scott Klososky

  • “Great innovative and forward thinking speaker. I love the tie in to health care today and the healthcare of tomorrow and the challenges inherent to the shifting focus.”
  • “He was great last year and fabulous this year!  His presentation skills are wonderful and the actual PowerPoint is such a joy to watch.  He keeps my attention the entire time!”
  • “He brings up a lot of critical thinking questions, which just makes you wonder what the future will be like.  I honestly do not hope for cyborgs.”
  • “Scott was the best General Session I attended. He was informative and entertaining. Loved this session.”
  • “Wow…I was excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with emerging technology, but also reminded of the possible drawbacks to ‘sharing too much information.'”

— Attendee comments, AAPC Healthcon

Dr. Tony Alessandra

“Dr. Tony Alessandra absolutely delivered!  He was the consummate professional, knew his material and delivered an entertaining, insightful and engaging keynote that really set the tone for our business meeting. I definitely recommend Dr. Alessandra and if the opportunity arises, would gladly engage him again.”–Datalliance

Dr. Brené Brown

“Although many of my staff lobbied to get Brené as the speaker at our luncheon, I was not personally aware of her or her books.  After watching her speak on YouTube, we decided to pursue her as our speaker.  I am absolutely thrilled at the response we got.  We sold over 1,500 tickets (sold out), had the largest net revenue for the event in our history and got the best feedback from our guests.  Brené was personable, low maintenance and willing to take pictures and spend some time with our guests.  Thank you, Brené and your staff – we raised a record amount and the message you delivered continues to resonate in our organization and throughout our community.” –Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Kelly McDonald

“Kelly’s presentation was enthusiastic, entertaining and enlightening.  However the real genius to her work and style is the unique ability to make you think different.  To take what you may or may not already know, and shape it in a manner that provides a new perspective that can be applied every day in your business.” –Attendee, Michigan Association of Insurance Agents Convention

Sally Hogshead

“We received overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from our attendees. Many told us it was one of the best business meetings they have ever attended. You played a key role in making the conference such a memorable event. I’d like to especially thank you for the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise you brought to our stage. As you may have heard, we have been fans of yours for some time – and you did not disappoint! Your presentation was highly relevant and provided actionable suggestions advisors could incorporate immediately into their business. The archetypal categories have continued to be helpful to us internally, as well. And the advance copy books were a delightful surprise that our attendees valued. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and we hope to have another opportunity to do so again in the near future. ” –The Newport Group

Dr. Tasha Eurich

“Tasha, thank you so much. You were one of the most engaging speakers I have seen in a long time. ” — T-Mobile

Amy Blankson

“She was absolutely FANTASTIC to have!  Our nurses have more positive, outgoing, and passionate about patient care since her chat today.  We are extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Amy and having her speak to our nurses. Our entire leadership team had a wonderful experience as well.  We are just so very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear Amy speak.  Thank you, thank you, we can’t thank you enough!”  — Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dignity Health

Peter Vidmar

Peter presented “Risk, Originality and Virtuosity”  at our 2016 Global Sales Conference.  Our sales team loved the practical application of Peter’s message as well as his engaging delivery.  Later in the day after Peter’s presentation I asked the sale team what key points they came away with.  Much to my satisfaction, the key points that I wanted to have the team take away had the desired impact and were duly noted by the team.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to learn from Peter and I know the impact of his message will continue to impact our sales team for some time to come.  Well done Peter! –Posey Company

Lisa Ford

“We appreciate your thoughtfulness in taking the time to learn about our side of the business; it was received as authentic and the audience was visibly engaged.” –Automotive OEM, Detroit, MI

Scott Klososky

“Thank you for helping us make the 2015 Executive Vision Summit a truly engaging and dynamic forum for the healthcare executives. Your keynote on Harnessing the Power of Digital Technologies to Maximize Performance, Loyalty and Satisfaction was highly ranked.  I think you’ll enjoy some of the comments that we’ve excerpted from the survey of attendees:

  • “Excellent content and insight”
  • “Fascinating.  Applied to healthcare.  Industry expert.  Shared slides and web resources to allow us to actually apply our learning”
  • “Loved the concept of technology maturity model”
  • “Fabulous content and insight”
  • “Number 1 presenter of the conference and that says a lot as they were all great.  Maybe the best overall conference I have attended in 30 years”

It was a pleasure working with you.”  –TriZetto Corporation

Dr. Nido Qubein

“Nido’s program exceeded expectations. He was on his ‘A’ game…I have already heard people referring to his quotes…’garbage in, garbage stays’ as well as create a ‘to be’ list not a ‘to do’ list and a few other ones. My team loved him.” Mirantis

Howard Putnam

“Howard, we have received rave reviews from our leadership team about your presentation and the relevance of your experiences and messages to the challenges we face in our business today. And many people stopped me throughout the course of the next two days to comment on your talk. Believe me, that is not an everyday occurrence here, so you really struck the right chord with our global leaders. Thanks for sharing your time and insights with us.” –Westinghouse Electric Company

Rowdy McLean

“Rowdy is one of the few speakers I am happy to use, time and time again. His presentations drive home great points and my clients have left motivated to make a change! The impact he has is amazing… feedback is ALWAYS positive! If you’re looking for a down to earth, no fuss speaker that will make an impact on your audience… Rowdy is your man!” —ActionCOACH Corporate

Desi Williamson

“Thank you so much for your inspirational and truly motivating keynote speech at the recent RentPath Sales Kickoff.  Your speech delivered a very spirited presentation to send our sales team off to their home markets to ignite sales for the upcoming year. Additionally, your speech probably provided the most practical advice of all of our keynote speakers.  I believe it resonated with everyone that you can overcome anything if you have the mindset – and will — to do so.  I was very impressed with your detailed preparation, your questions on our pre-conference call, and overall attentiveness in understanding the multifamily apartment rental business’ challenges and opportunities.  I also sincerely appreciate all your efforts to incorporate our company’s strategic messaging and key priorities into your speech.  It definitely added to the success of our conference mission.” –RentPath