Speakers Reviews

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Kelly McDonald

“Our employees and managers have heard Kelly speak on many occasions and she is always welcomed enthusiastically. Her ability to interact with an audience and infuse them with knowledge and insight make her a popular choice over other speakers who simply ‘lecture’.” –Subaru of America

Michelle Gielan

“Michelle was more incredible and down to earth than I could have even expected!  I believe she connected well with our multiple audiences and made her content approachable for all roles of our organization.  We took the 21 Day Challenge in an email campaign and our open rate was twice the industry average AND our click through rate to her tools was nearly THREE times the industry average! On the discussion day, we talked about how easily the tools could be incorporated into work and family life, particularly the Zorro Circle.  We also talked about how much difference the Power Lead has made! Many folks are using a Power Lead who did not attend our event.  That piece has gone viral and become a part of our fabric! Michelle Gielan truly made an impact on our organization!” –VCU Health System

Kelly McDonald

“It was a pleasure working with Kelly; she definitely lived up to her billing. Her presentation was incredible; our attendees talked about it the whole time. Please list us as a truly satisfied customer.” –Oklahoma Bankers Association

Shawn Achor

“Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening.  What a refreshing topic, and one that should be shared with all!  Our group is made up of highly accomplished managers with years of experience.  They can be a tough audience to say the least, but you completely captured them with your positive energy, your research and humor.  Undeniably, Shawn Achor has made a difference on my professional and personal life to be happy!” –Medivation

Kelly McDonald

“Great lady, great information and great delivery! As an educational development person, I certainly couldn’t ask for more! As you can see from the evaluations, our participants gave you high marks again. You ‘WOWED EM’, Kelly!!!” –Illinois Credit Union League

Dr. Nido Qubein

“Dr. Qubein, thank you so very much for your inspirational message that you delivered yesterday for Bridgestone here in Nashville. The buzz that you created lasted well into the night and hopefully, your message will be memorable for a lifetime for all those who attended yesterday’s leadership team meeting. It certainly will be for me.” –Bridgestone Americas

Sally Hogshead

“Sally really knocked the socks off our cadre DC community! She delivered an incredibly ‘fascinating’ speech and gave some very useful takeaways for the business owners and executives in cadre. It’s no wonder she’s a ‘Hall of Famer!’”–CADRE

Howard Putnam

“Honestly, I’ve been in this biz a long time and I think Howard has risen to the top as my new favorite speaker on leadership.  I can’t say enough about him.  As a fellow Midwesterner and a farmer’s daughter, his messages resonated with me instantly.  Such a special guy. It was such an honor to learn from him. I briefed the session with my folks after and here’s what I heard…”
‘Did you notice that he knew every employees name, their secretary, and their spouse…wow!’
‘He made it seem so simple, but leading like that is actually quite hard’
‘I would’ve worked for him in a heartbeat’
‘Best of the class so far!’
‘How do we get him to coach our leadership team?’
‘Class act… Now he gets it!’
‘Best story teller I’ve ever heard’
‘That was simply amazing’
–General Electric Company

Sally Hogshead

“WOW!  Sally is amazing! She exceeded my expectations on every level. The work she is doing is such a positive and needed way to help each and every person find their highest and best self.  It was clear from the electricity in the room at our event that she ‘nailed it’ – from perfectly typing every  participant and their unique personality, to presenting an uplifting and inspirational way to think about both our strengths and our weaknesses and how to utilize them best. And although she’s probably given her presentation many, many times, to those of us hearing it for the first time, Sally sounded fresh and spontaneous, and truly interested and excited to be sharing this knowledge – almost like giving her audience a precious secret that can be life-changing.  She brought and shared her best self with all of us, and provided a rich and exciting new language that helps people be more effective and fulfilled.  What a gift to the world!! I believe each person walked away with an appreciation and understanding for how they can interact differently, become more fulfilled, and utilize their innate gifts.  I think Sally’s presentation and insights are a huge confidence builder!” Womenetics

Dr. Tasha Eurich

“Tasha Eurich’s material and approach were fresh, fun, and deeply impactful. Her concepts were immediately applicable our audience of commercial interior designers—managers and non-managers alike. But perhaps most remarkably, she spoke to us in our language. In fact, Dr. Eurich was so knowledgeable about the commercial interior design industry that many asked how long she’d been a designer before becoming a leadership expert! She exceeded our expectations, and I’d enthusiastically recommend her to any audience that wants to improve their leadership skills.”

Michelle Gielan

“Michelle’s presentation was fun, thought-provoking, and provided our staff with the knowledge and resources to effectively “broadcast happiness” to better support the success of our students and educators.” — Sunnyside School District

Peter Vidmar

Peter is a fabulous speaker, kept everyone very involved through his entire speech. The stories, the videos and the interaction with/about Peter was well above on what we expected!  I would highly recommend Peter to speak at your function. –Precision Soya

Desi Williamson

“Desi came prepared! He kept the audience engaged with his stories, uplifting humor and by utilizing our internal terminology, goals and objectives.” –Sam’s Club

Shawn Achor

“Shawn’s presentation on The Happiness Advantage was excellent.  Everyone in our company, from Welders and Machinists to Engineers and Executives, thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter and take-home value provided by The Happiness Advantage presentation.”Zeeco, Inc.

Scott Klososky

“Scott Klososky is an exceptional speaker.  He captivated our entire audience with not only the information he provided but the very down-to-earth, personable way in which he conveyed it.  Considering the high degree of technological information he was presenting makes that even more remarkable.  His office was great to work with, too, and everything went so smoothly.  Truly a meeting planner’s dream.”–Oklahoma Association of of Electric Cooperatives

Lisa Ford

“Lisa was amazing.  A true inspiration and a lot of what she said really hit home for me personally.  She was engaging and held the attention of the audience.  I loved talking with her before/after and listening to her presentation.  You were all so easy to work with, open lines of communication. It was great.” –Verizon Wireless

Dr. Tony Alessandra

“Establishing, building, and maintaining effective relationships may be the most complicated and critical skills in being effective with others. Dr. Tony Alessandra provides the tools that can improve anyone’s skill in this area. He makes this subject easy to understand and practice.” –Western Water Works Supply Company

Kelly McDonald

“Thank you for speaking at our Executive Housekeepers Conference. You truly impressed our group and were the talk of the conference!! Your enthusiasm was contagious.” –Drury Hotels

Dr. Nido Qubein

“The day was a huge success and the evaluations were all excellent. It was a pleasure working with you and I feel blessed to have heard Nido’s presentation. Although I only spent a few hours with him, I know he is a fine human being; making a real difference in our world today. More influential people should have his mindset.” –Attendee, Periodontal Associates (PA Study Club)

Jim Cathcart

“Jim Cathcart gave a very interesting speech with lots of practical examples during one of our Seminar of the Authorities series. Rarely any speaker can keep attendees interested for the whole seminar, but Jim did that. Everybody stayed to the end of the last session!”  –BIGRAM S.A. Personnel Consulting