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High Performance Organizations Go Through Transformation Constantly

Howard Putnam

“The rules of engagement have changed” in government and in business. They also changed in aviation on 9-11. We learned that negotiation no longer works with suicide killers. We have to be proactive and take charge and the same is

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How to Transform Organizations Successfully

Howard Putnam

How do you know how to transform a business if you were born on an Iowa farm? That was the key…the Iowa farm, a foundation.   I learned from my Parents the value of:  integrity, honesty, family, team work and helping

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Interview with Howard Putnam: Thought Leader in Aviation

Howard Putnam

This interview with Howard Putnam was posted on the JDA Aviation Technology Solutions blog on October 2013. The Airliner Deregulation Act was passed in 1978, but the freedoms of an unfettered market took years to create real changes in airline

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Howard Putnam: Developing a Successful Corporate Culture

Howard Putnam

This interview with VIBE Keynote Speaker Howard Putnam first appeared on Nightclub & Bar. Attendees of the 2016 VIBE Conference will have the opportunity to hear an inspiring story of vision, innovation and leadership. Howard Putnam, the former CEO of

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When the Time to Perform Arrives, the Time to Prepare Has Passed

Howard Putnam

“When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.” Fellow SpeakersOffice speaker and Olympic Pommel Horse Gold Medalist with a perfect 10 in 1984, Peter Vidmar, used that line a few years ago.  I asked for his

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Putnam Discusses Creating a Culture of Innovation

Howard Putnam

“Turbulence is inevitable, but misery is optional,” author and former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam told 2000 attendees at the 2015 NACHA Payments System Awards Luncheon in New Orleans, sponsored by TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, Tuesday, April 21, at

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Ten Essential Leadership Attributes

What kind of leadership talents and skills will be essential to succeed in the next few years? Some are tried and true and endure generation after generation. Others come and go with the age and culture in which we live.

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