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Creating a Better Social Media Experience

better social media

Every second, your brain receives 11 million bits of information. That’s right. 11 million bits. Every. Second. And you know how much your brain ends up processing? Just 40-50 bits of information per second.[1] Those 40-50 bits that we choose to focus

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How to Get Employees Excited About Meetings

Michelle Gielan

How many times have you found yourself leaving a meeting feeling overwhelmed and more stressed than before you went in? Or how often have you led a meeting and felt like the same issues were rehashed, and it was a

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How to Take Control of Any Conversation

Michelle Gielan

Your opening line makes all the difference. This article by Ashley Hamilton of OWN was first published on Huffington Post. The next time you walk into an important meeting, think carefully about your first few words. According to positive psychology

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