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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone for Peak Performance

Dr. Tasha Eurich

My husband and I recently spent a week in Hong Kong visiting my little sister, who spent the summer teaching there at a local university. Upon our arrival, we consulted with a friend of hers to plan our first day

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From Stress to Happiness and Productivity – Podcast

Michelle Gielan

Michelle Gielan, national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher, is the bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness. Michelle is the Founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and is partnered with Arianna Huffington to study how transformative stories fuel

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Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Failing

Shawn Achor

Don’t let the fear of making a mistake distort your decision-making and lead to an even worse mistake. Do you know what “icing the kicker” means? In football, when a kicker is preparing to make a potential game-winning field goal,

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When the Time to Perform Arrives, the Time to Prepare Has Passed

Howard Putnam

“When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.” Fellow SpeakersOffice speaker and Olympic Pommel Horse Gold Medalist with a perfect 10 in 1984, Peter Vidmar, used that line a few years ago.  I asked for his

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How to Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Ones

Shawn Achor

We often think that if we had more choices, it would be easier to change our lives. In fact, we do have plenty of choices, but we don’t change. What we really need in our lives to make a positive

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Should you “Fail Faster” for Success?

Jim Cathcart

A colleague asked me recently how I felt about the popular advice, “Fail Faster.” Some highly successful entrepreneurs and innovators have recommended that increasing the failure rate will accelerate the arrival of success. Not true. I agree with their underlying intent,

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The difference between those that do & those that don’t!

Rowdy McLean

What’s the difference between those that do and those that don’t? After decades of asking myself and thousands of others that same question, I have come to the conclusion that your success comes down to just one thing. Whether you’re

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What Does Resilience Mean to You?

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Resilience means knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources. Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able, to overcome obstacles to get it. It

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How Happiness Affects Your Success: Interview with Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor

This article written by career success coach, Kathy Caprino originally appeared on LinkedIn.  One of the things I love most about my work is that my fascinating, knowledgeable clients teach me things I’m excited to learn. A while ago, a

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5 Sure Ways to Fail in Business and in Life

Dr. Nido Qubein

Habits to Ditch if You Want to Succeed When someone falls down in life, there is probably something that pushed them down. Whether it’s a prevailing negative attitude about everything and everyone, or a good, bad or indifferent personality that

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Use Psychology to Reach Your Goals Faster: 3 Ways

Shawn Achor

This article was originally published at Tech Cocktail, written by Kira M. Newman When I picked up Shawn Achor’s book Before Happiness, I thought I was reading a book about positivity. It turns out, it’s also a book about success –

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Shawn Achor On The REAL Reason Success Can’t Make You Happy

Work hard, achieve your goals, become happy — that’s the happiness formula many believe to be universally true. But happiness researcher Shawn Achor says that this success-leads-to-happiness model is fundamentally flawed. In a sit-down with Oprah for “Super Soul Sunday,” Achor explains why. “It’s scientifically broken

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Oprah & Shawn Achor on the Secret of Happy People

“Super Soul Sunday – Oprah & Shawn Achor: The Secret of Happy People”  Super Soul Sunday Episode Summaries Part 1: Aired Sunday, May 25 at 11 a.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Oprah sits down with Shawn Achor, a Harvard-trained researcher and the New

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A Happiness Campaign To Live Better – featuring Shawn Achor

The quest for happiness is one of humanity’s oldest pursuits. Many believe if you work hard to be successful, then you’ll be happy. Shawn Achor, Harvard researcher, speaker, and best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness, says research

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Be Realistic: There Is No Limit to What You Can Do

Have you ever thought about what you could do, if you really decided to? I’m not merely talking about what your skills, education and talents are capable of. I’m talking about what is really possible for you. There is a

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6 Ways to Press Mute on Brain Noise

In today’s world of smartphones and 24-hour news channels, we’ve become addicted to information. I found myself filling all my micro-moments each day with stuff that blocked me from forward progress. Brain “noise” is any information that is irrelevant, useless,

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Nido Qubein, A Life of Success and Significance – The Biography Channel

We are proud and excited to share this 30 minute documentary of the extraordinary life accomplishments of Dr. Nido Qubein, president of High Point University. The Biography Channel originally produced and aired the documentary, which prominently features the High Point

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Why Achieving a Great Reputation Requires High Standards

When you drive up to Disneyland the message is clear: “The Happiest Place On Earth.” That not only announces their intention, it also defines their performance standards. If what you are doing as a Disney employee (correction: “Cast Member”) doesn’t

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Shawn Achor: The Key to Great Teams – The “glue guys or gals”

Who is the most important person on a team? If you follow sports, you know commentators will often talk about the “glue guys” or “glue gals” who hold their teams together in the midst of challenge and are largely responsible

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Productive Failure: We Learn By Doing

We learn by doing. Think about the basic skills you’ve acquired in life. You learned to walk by pulling yourself up, turning loose and taking a step. You fell the first time, but you got up and tried again. Each

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