You Had a Great Keynote Speaker…Now What?

It’s natural after seeing a speaker for someone to ask, “Hey, I really liked your message. We can use that. So, now what do we do?”  One of the oldest debates in the meetings industry is one side that says,

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The Undertow of Technology

I have long searched for a word to describe the impact of technology on the business world. I now use the concept of “undertow” to get a concept across. The tools that technology has brought, and is still bringing at

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Humor Smoothes the Way

For 37 years I lived in Peoria, Illinois, the world headquarters of the Caterpillar Tractor Company. Caterpillar is the world leader in earth moving equipment. They make bulldozers of all sizes, including backhoes for digging holes and ditches and many

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Visualize Your Way to Success

In my presentations, I often speak on the importance of visualization – the ability to picture something in your mind and prepare for it, long before you face the actual moment of truth.  I tried this with my youngest son,

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