Peter Vidmar


  • Highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history
  • Winner of two gold & one silver medal in 1984 Olympics
  • Author of Risk, Originality, and Virtuosity: The Keys to a Perfect 10
  • Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics
  • Commentator for CBS Sports & ESPN
  • Served on President’s & Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness & Sports
  • Member of US Olympic Hall of Fame & Speaker Hall of Fame

Margins of Victory: There's No Silver in Sales

The Olympic experience serves as a great allegory for human aspirations. Scoreboards, stopwatches, measuring tapes, and concrete identifiable results make it easier to quantify the human experience and distinguish what works from what doesn’t.

However, there is one important difference between the Olympic Games and the business world. When it comes to sales, there is no silver medal for second place. Either the customer purchases your product or service, or your competitor’s. Second place might as well be last place. And the decision to purchase from someone else may have been based on the smallest item or detail. So it is vital your sales team understands the value of the little extra effort, the critical importance of attention to details, and what this could mean to your company’s success.

With over 25 years of experience presenting to the world’s top companies, double Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar will teach your sales force that if you want to achieve a “perfect 10” for the customer, you need to think, plan, and prepare like an Olympic champion.

Why an Olympic champion? There were approximately 10,500 athletes at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 302 gold medals were awarded. With approximately 6.675 billion people in the world, the odds of being an Olympic athlete are 636,000 to 1. But to win gold is an astounding 22 million to 1. Just like an Olympic gold medalist, you want your sales team to rise above the competition, no matter what the odds are.

In Peter’s thought provoking program, attendees will:

  • Relive stunning moments of Olympic victories by the smallest of margins
  • Learn to apply the key elements of those victories to their sales efforts
  • Understand the critical value of having a laser-like focus on the details
  • Acquire an Olympian’s motivation to consistently give that little extra effort
  • Discover strategies for doing business in new ways to attract new customers
  • Commit to “deliver on the promise” they make to customers
  • Unleash the power of Olympian visualization techniques to achieve long term success

This program is designed for your sales team to walk away with specific tools and techniques, to assist them in their long term plans and achieve world class results. As with all of Peter’s programs, he incorporates real-life examples, humor, and stories, so his key messages are memorable, actionable, and the audience walks away with a renewed spirit.

ROV... Risk, Originality and Virtuosity.
In his powerful keynote presentation, Peter converts Olympic Gold into corporate wisdom. With a live demonstration on the pommel horse, artfully blended into his speech, Peter uses the ROV principles to vividly describe requirements for a perfect 10 in business and in life. Audiences gain fresh perspectives on reaching higher levels of performance, using their creativity to separate them from the competition, and perfecting their needed skills on a daily basis. As Peter says, "If you want to be at your best when it really matters, you've got to be at your best every time." Humor, relevance to his audience, high energy, drama and standing ovations are all characteristic of this presentation.

Getting your Team on the Podium 
Gymnastics is a team sport where the outcome is based entirely on a collection of individual performances. Asks Peter, "At the Olympic Games, while I am competing with my teammates, I am simultaneously competing against them for the individual medals. So how do we work together on a daily basis for the benefit of the team?" Using his ROV principles, Peter describes the tools his team needed to apply, every day, to reach the top of the Olympic Podium, as a team and as individuals.

Pushing The Envelope
One of the reasons gymnastics is the most watched event of the Olympic Games is that the viewer can always expect something new and different from the athletes. Gymnasts are masters at pushing the envelope, as they constantly try to reinvent their athletic art form. Innovation also requires some risk, and Peter discusses and shows how the judging category of ROV: Risk, Originality, and Virtuosity, has become a mandate for constant change in his sport. In describing how we need to stop playing catch up with the competition, Peter says, "A perfect 10 just a few years ago may only score an 8.5 today. If I don't innovate, I'll be left behind very quickly!"

"Awaken the Olympian Within” Interactive Workshop
On Your Mark...Get Set...Gold!
Today’s meeting planner is looking for a novel approach to providing inspiration and life lessons to their meetings and conferences...and America’s Olympic champions are the perfect heroes to help them accomplish this task! Peter Vidmar joins forces with other Olympians to produce a highly interactive "mock-Olympics,” guaranteed to add FUN and ENTHUSIASM to your agenda.

By facilitating a collection of competitive activities that do not require athletic skill, but do involve a steady hand, quick reactions, rational thought, group dynamics, following directions and innovative thinking, participants learn attributes about teamwork, tenacity, lateral thinking, problem-solving skills, performance under pressure, risk-taking and resource allocation; as well as demonstrate the Olympic spirit of fair play, sportsmanship, and tenacity to overcome adversity.

Local Olympic athletes help Peter coach your team to building a higher level of trust and understanding, increasing productivity at the office, and developing new ways of thinking. Workshops can last anywhere from 2-8 hours and include all necessary Olympic "equipment” (flags, music, attire and even a genuine Olympic torch), as well as provide the option of Olympic themed prizes or awards for winning teams.

Each program is specifically customized to the needs of the group and attendees will:

  • Work alongside various Olympians, "up close and personal”
  • Participate in fun challenging exercises with a purpose
  • Be inspired by Olympic music, themes and a medal ceremony for the winners

Let America’s heroes motivate and inspire your people to "Awaken the Olympian Within!”

“I do want to make a special point to acknowledge Peter Vidmar's performance. He was perfect -- genuine, passionate, dynamic and obviously, very skillful. He really drove our key message home perfectly. On a personal note let me also say that I have never (I mean never) worked with a more gracious and sincere speaker as Peter. He not only did a great job fulfilling his speaking obligation, he spent the entire evening with our team at the bowling alley and then stuck around late in the evening talking to everyone in the lobby. And, late in the evening when I was speaking with three managers I sensed someone off to my side -- it was Peter -- he was patiently waiting for me to finish speaking to once again say thank you. Again, I have NEVER met anyone so genuine and gracious as Peter. Thank you! We will use him again.”
Hilton Hotels

“Peter is the ‘perfect 10’ if you are looking for someone with the rare combination of a highly relevant and adoptable message, delivered with passion, energy, comedy, personality, humility and believability. As a person, Peter took it over the top with his personal charm and willingness to do whatever it takes to please the customer, engage the audience and make it a winning experience for all. I already got him a second engagement with our company and am working on the third.”
Sabre Holdings

“Truly, the pleasure was all ours! I heard nothing but rave reviews from our participants who absolutely loved your message and you. It was a great start to a spectacular event and you set the tone for the rest of the conference…Thank you so much for your articles… we’ll certainly use them throughout the year. It’s a very nice take-away both for our members who were with us in Las Vegas and those who were unable to come… I deal with a reasonable number of speakers – and you are now one of my top favorites. You have a very good sense of your audience, you take time to prepare, and you have the finely honed capability to hold the audience in your hand.”
Association of Destination Management Executives

“Peter exceeded our expectations. His presentation was informative, motivating and relevant. He did an amazing job intertwining his life lessons and how they related and contributed to his success. He is a very modest and humble presenter, especially for one who has achieved such great success. Peter’s theme of ROV was relevant and applicable; however, he did not make it “hokey” by trying to tell our franchisees how to apply his learning’s to their business. Many franchisees made this comment to me. Everything went great – from the pre-meeting correspondence and logistics to the event itself. Thanks for a great event; you guys made it easy!!”
FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

“I know you hear this often, but you need to truly take this in - you made a huge impact on our Paul Mitchell School Leadership Group. I could not have scripted you better than the message you delivered. What a gift! You truly, truly made a huge impact. Our own educators in our school world facilitate about 1800 events per year on the road. We have an ongoing training for them about their performance ‘off stage.’ Not only were you brilliant on stage, you were just as brilliant and kind off stage. How you treated everyone with your kindness and warmth was what really made these Paul Mitchell School Leaders fall in love with you. And trust me; they fell in love with you.”
Paul Mitchell Schools

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