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3 Enemies of Focus in the Workplace and How to Defeat Them

Dr. Tasha Eurich

Between the distractions all around and our own shriveled attention spans, it is remarkable we get anything done. Aristotle once said, “The end of labor is to gain leisure.” Yet most busy leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals have – at best — ambivalent feelings

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Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Failing

Shawn Achor

Don’t let the fear of making a mistake distort your decision-making and lead to an even worse mistake. Do you know what “icing the kicker” means? In football, when a kicker is preparing to make a potential game-winning field goal,

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Why Continuing Education is Vital For Every Entrepreneur

Scott Klososky

This article was originally published on Future Point of View. A college degree, such as a bachelor’s degree, is important. A degree of this kind opens a wide range of doors for any person hoping to break into an enterprise. It also

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Is your personality helping or hurting your business?

Sally Hogshead

As an entrepreneur, you’re often the face of your company, and your ability to capture attention, to fascinate others—clients, employees, strategic partners, influencers—can make or break a business. Every time you communicate, you’re doing one of two things: 1. You’re

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Do You Take Risks?

Unreasonable risk-takers are individuals who tend to over-emphasize the resources they have available or can acquire to accomplish their objectives. Or, they’re people who under-emphasize the barriers that are likely to get in their way. There’s been a lot of

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