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4 Slam-Dunk Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Peter Vidmar

This article by Carol Egan,  featuring Peter Vidmar, was originally published on HuffingtonPost.com. Confidence is not something we are born with or inherit. Confidence is something we grow, we develop. When I am in my zone, when I am fully in

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How Remembering the Past Can Help You Win in 2015

Dr. Tasha Eurich

What was your favorite memory of the holiday season? For me, one stood out. Last week, I attended a party thrown by an old high school friend. The party was fabulous — I spent the night catching up with high

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3 Easy Tips to Curate a Positive Mood

“You did what?” I stammered, “I don’t think I heard you right.” My friend Florence smiled triumphantly. “Tasha, shutting off my cable was my only option. I couldn’t keep hearing about all the things that were wrong with the world.

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5 Tested Ways to Be Happier and More Successful at Work

Michelle Gielan

*This article by Michelle McQuaid, featuring an interview with Michelle Gielan, was originally published at the Huffington Post. Like most people, I grew up believing that if I worked hard, then I’d be successful and then I’d be happy. It

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Shawn Achor On The REAL Reason Success Can’t Make You Happy

Work hard, achieve your goals, become happy — that’s the happiness formula many believe to be universally true. But happiness researcher Shawn Achor says that this success-leads-to-happiness model is fundamentally flawed. In a sit-down with Oprah for “Super Soul Sunday,” Achor explains why. “It’s scientifically broken

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