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High Performance Organizations Go Through Transformation Constantly

Howard Putnam

“The rules of engagement have changed” in government and in business. They also changed in aviation on 9-11. We learned that negotiation no longer works with suicide killers. We have to be proactive and take charge and the same is

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Jeff Blackman Interview with Howard Putnam on Vision and Leadership

Hall of Fame speaker and business growth specialist, Jeff Blackman interviewed Howard Putnam which appeared on Jeff’s Results Report.  Check out the interview below: It’s somewhat ironic, that one of the most down-to-earth guys I know, spent his professional career

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IQ, EQ and Now VQ-Vision Intelligence

Leaders by their very nature are under pressure to have advanced intellectual and emotional intelligence. In today’s economy, they better add one more – VQ, The Vision Quotient. The pace of change is speeding up. Each and everyday, the competition

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