Give Your Brain a Break to be More Successful

The summer of 2014 is winding down. And odds are, you’re probably gearing up for something: sending your kids off to school, going to school yourself, or stepping things up at work. For most of us, fall is the time

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How to Fascinate: Interview with Sally Hogshead

Club Business International interviewed Sally Hogshead last spring to gear up for Sally’s keynote address at the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association’s (IHRSA) Annual Convention and Trade Show. CBI: The title of your IHRSA 2014 presentation, “How to Fascinate: From First

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High Customer and Employee Engagement Boosts Profits

Do happy employees create happy customers?  Could it be so simple? I define a happy customer as one who is loyal and willing to refer you to others. Happy customers mean their problems were solved and their needs met. Statistics

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Marketing in the Digital Age

A look at four essential technology strategies The responsibilities of an organization’s leadership team are not getting any easier.  As technology continues to change the business landscape for the C-suite, you must now lead your company in using that technology

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How Happiness Affects Your Success: Interview with Shawn Achor

This article written by career success coach, Kathy Caprino originally appeared on LinkedIn.  One of the things I love most about my work is that my fascinating, knowledgeable clients teach me things I’m excited to learn. A while ago, a

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How to Instantly Read People

Solve the people puzzle by discovering 4 distinguishable traits.  The ability to read people is by far one of your most valuable skills in business. The people you interact with each day send you signals, and if you learn what

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Why Our Addiction to Work is Hurting Our Careers

Kmart’s recent announcement to open its doors at 6am on Thanksgiving Day sent shock waves throughout the nation. Though bargain-seekers were thrilled, many are questioning the retail chain’s decision. In recent years, such “Thanksgiving Creep” has inspired multiple protests from

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Interview with Peter Vidmar: Practice As If It’s Competition

“Practice as if it’s competition, but compete as if it’s practice.” ~ Peter Vidmar James McPartland, author of Unopened Gifts, talks with Olympic gold medalist, Peter Vidmar about time & emotional management in this video interview on In this interview with

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Take the Time to Make Things Fascinating

Sally Hogshead believes the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Sally Hogshead is an international Hall of Fame Speaker and New York Times best-selling author of HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU, a complete guide on how to discover what makes

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The Five Essentials to a Customer Experience

There is much conversation around creating a memorable customer experience in order to gain customer loyalty. Whether a fad or not, customer experience is a differentiator and should be a part of your brand. Too often companies jump on the

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Understand Tech, Improve Your Bottom Line

This article was originally published on by Diane Merlino Tech futurist Scott Klososky says understanding technology philosophy and big data is the key to greater business prosperity Technology is becoming the critical “X factor” for business success. “It doesn’t

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5 Sure Ways to Fail in Business and in Life

Habits to Ditch if You Want to Succeed When someone falls down in life, there is probably something that pushed them down. Whether it’s a prevailing negative attitude about everything and everyone, or a good, bad or indifferent personality that

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Use Psychology to Reach Your Goals Faster: 3 Ways

This article was originally published at Tech Cocktail, written by Kira M. Newman When I picked up Shawn Achor’s book Before Happiness, I thought I was reading a book about positivity. It turns out, it’s also a book about success –

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TEDxMileHigh: Be Awesome at Anything – Dr. Tasha Eurich

Is leadership something we’re born with, or can we learn to be better leaders? In this thought-provoking talk at TEDxMileHigh Emergence 2014, Dr. Tasha Eurich shares three key steps to be not just awesome at leadership, but anything else you

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How The World Sees You Debuts #2 on The New York Times Best-Sellers!

If you haven’t purchased your copy of How The World Sees You – by Sally Hogshead yet, here’s why you need to: You already have certain naturally fascinating qualities. Sally Hogshead will walk you through discovering what they are and

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50 Best Summer Reads from Top Sales World

Is it your goal to read more books this summer? If so, check out Top Sales World’s 50 best summer reads related to sales and marketing. A couple of our favorites are included – People Smart in Business, by Dr. Tony

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Is your personality helping or hurting your business?

As an entrepreneur, you’re often the face of your company, and your ability to capture attention, to fascinate others—clients, employees, strategic partners, influencers—can make or break a business. Every time you communicate, you’re doing one of two things: 1. You’re

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Customer Service and the Simple Stuff

Every organization has a chance to deliver a positive customer experience. That experience has many starting points and touchpoints along the customer interaction. Each touchpoint will affect the customer’s perception of your business and even their loyalty. To remain competitive,

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3 Tips to Cure Procrastination

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” (My Mother, ever since I can remember.) Procrastination is like a virus. It creeps up on you slowly, drains you of energy, and is difficult to get rid of if

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How a Warehouse Leader Used Technology as a Solution

As Jim Kimble often says, no one cares about moving thousands of brown boxes a day – right up until they don’t get out the door on time, then everyone cares!  Jim is the COO at Jasco Products and he

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