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Sally Hogshead

“Sally was phenomenal! I knew her program would resonate and she just knocked it out of the park. We loved that she participated for a bit before and after her speech. Not a lot of keynote speakers do that and it was valuable for our attendees to interact with her. Finding out the email open rates averaged 60%, when it’s unusual to get more than 28%, tells us this is something they want more of. We learned from the analytics that our audience scored very high on power, trust, and alert, which reinforced some of the ways we’re marketing the National Convention. Sally also gave us two new ideas: to collect and catalog our members’ stories (she even offered to help us do that) and to transcribe our videos to create quick content for our members to reflect on. The analytics also provide insight into our leadership team’s personalities, how to best communicate with them, and structuring diverse volunteer teams. We learned that fascination makes you confident, confidence drives performance, and performance drives results.” –Patti Phillips, CEO, Women Leaders in College Sports

Sally Hogshead

  • “I liked how Sally provided examples that resonated with a marketer’s P.O.V.”
  • “I felt she was honest in how she shared her low points and how she changed her tactics to overcome them.”
  •  “I especially liked how she focused on making people feel as if they are fascinating, rather than trying to be fascinating ourselves. Turning it outward, not inward.”
  •  “I appreciated how she brought in personal elements of her own story – how she sent personalized mailers to her stakeholders really stuck out.”
    –Anonymous audience members, ViaCom

Scott Klososky

“You did an outstanding job with your keynote for SOCAP! You hit all of the topics and points I was hoping you would and set the right tone as we started the conference. In fact, several attendees told me they wished you could have spoken longer! It was a great opening session that got attendees into an innovative mindset, as they went to the breakout sessions. It was a pleasure to work with you again. Well done and thank you!! — Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) International

Sally Hogshead

-“Sally Hogshead’s presentation was spot on and I look forward to reading her book”

-“Sally Hogshead was clearly terrific.”

-“Sally Hogshead presentation was high take away value!!”

-“One of the best keynote speakers I’ve ever experienced”

-“The keynote speaker was really wonderful”

-“Sally Hogshead killed it and was a great add”

~ Anonymous Attendees – Duke Alumni Association

Sally Hogshead

“Sally has mastered the art and science of communication from years of researching top companies and executives across the world. Our company recently benefited from her Fascination Advantage presentation at a customer conference. The energy in the room was palpable as our employees and customers learned how they could communicate “at their best” by using their strongest personal attributes to grab their audience’s attention – and make an impact. I believe our audience of vocational rehabilitation, workforce and technology professionals will greatly benefit from Sally’s message in their day-to-day lives. They’ll be able to carry this message to hundreds of their colleagues in the industry, and these ideas will be used in countless number of communications in their service to people with disabilities in this country. Which is to say, the impact is enormous.” — Chris M. Pieper, CEO at Alliance Enterprises, Inc.

Kelly McDonald

“Thank you for your hilarious contributions/participation in the recent U.S. Travel ESTO meeting and helping make the meeting a huge success.  Your fun and thought-provoking remarks clearly spoke to our attendees.  I continue to hear sound bites that clearly resonated…  “Find visitor pain points and solve for them” – that’s exactly what we are trying to do and “hire empathetic people”… so true!  My personal favorite: “Awesome people are awesome everywhere” — Couldn’t agree more.  We think you’re awesome and so glad you were able to join us and share your insights.  Still working on my selfie stick skills but see an improvement already.” – Roger Dow, President and CEO, U.S. Travel Association

Kelly McDonald

“Kelly exceeded our expectations and everyone really enjoyed her session.  The different approach for men vs. women for sales resonated with many in the audience.  Using “I see it differently” is a great tool to begin dialogue and “I’ll take care of it” fits within our culture, so she reinforced what we already do.  It was a very smooth process to reserve the dates on her calendar, get the promo material, and conduct the presentation that day.” – Allied Electronics

Neil Pasricha

“Thank you again for participating as a Thought Leader during our Executive Leadership Forum.  Your presentation, Happier People, Healthier Associations, aligned perfectly with the theme and was the right mix of humor, research, and thoughtful strategies to implement moving forward. We’ve received so many thoughtful comments from participants regarding their overall feedback; much of what was shared and discussed made an impression that will hopefully make a difference in both the personal and professional lives of those who attended.” — ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

Neil Pasricha

“Neil was phenomenal!!!!!  I was already very grateful that we were able to have him a part of our weekend but after meeting him and experiencing his presentation, I am in awe of his generosity to share his expertise and positive energy with our physicians and staff.  I have included the feedback we have received so far from our attendees below (with more positive feedback to come, I am sure).” — Mary Zamuda, Wellness Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Amy Blankson

“Starting off with Amy’s inspirational message really kicked off our program on the right foot.  I’ve spoken with many people since the offsite and most of them are incorporating JGAME into their daily lives (personally, I’ve gotten good at the gratitudes but need more consistency with the J,A,M and E).  We also received her books this week, which we are sharing with the team as a follow up to keep putting her strategies into place.” –Google

Sally Hogshead

“The attendee analytics from Sally’s presentation was eye opening.  Our audience’s primary communication mode, is completely different from what we thought. Months after the event our female attendees are still raving about her presentation. She was the perfect speaker to have a major impact on our top female executives.”  — Frances Rios, Women Who Lead™ Summit

Neil Pasricha

“We recently used Neil at an all employee event.  Given some recent changes in the company, including a move to a new office, there was some trepidation and apprehension within the organization.  Neil’s talk was exactly what we needed.  He was very helpful in putting things into the right context, and created an immediate positive buzz.  He is insightful, evidenced based and practical when it comes to making changes to increase happiness and ultimately productivity. Now we’re all hooked on his books, and are already planning for a future “Pasricha tune-up”.
— Brian Hilberdink, Country President, Novo Nordisk

Neil Pasricha

“Neil,  I can’t thank you enough for being a part of our Speaker Series.  Your session was such a huge hit….it was energizing, inspiring, thought-provoking and really resonated with our employees.  I’ve received so many emails from employees thanking me for bringing you in, saying how you were their favorite Speaker Series to date and that they were inspired to make some real shifts in their life. It was also such a pleasure to meet you and work with you – thanks for the incredible work you are doing in the world! — Rachelle Diamond, Global Culture, LinkedIn

Neil Pasricha

“Neil joined the Audi Executive Team across the United States and his happiness lessons were the highlight of the show, engaging dealer associates, and invigorating the audience. He is always on point, thought-provoking, and receives near-perfect ratings. Listen to him!” – Peter Donnellan, Director, Audi of America

Desi Williamson

“Desi’s presentation was well received and enjoyed by all. Attendees will take his message and compare his challenges with theirs and realize nothing is impossible if you believe.”–Chief Sales Officer, Church Mutual Insurance

Sally Hogshead

“I can’t recall the last time our entire population had so much buzz after a presentation. We’re starting to receive more detailed feedback from our 11 remote viewing sites and it seems people all around the country are talking about their archetype and what makes them individually fascinating. Great work!

On the plane ride back to Philly I started reading your book and as I dig into the details, I find myself drawn further and further in!!! The concept of taking complex ideas and thoughts about who we are and focusing and condensing them into just a few words that express how we can help our clients is very near and dear to our hearts! …In talking to you it seems there are many opportunities to work together on making our messaging engaging, concise and clear.” –The Siegfried Group

Kelly McDonald

“Kelly’s presentation exceeded my goals and the audience was very engaged.  I suspect that a large portion of the audience will take into account her material as they prepare their marketing, operational and strategic plans. She has an engaging style that allows her to present demographic information in a way that is educational, informative, and with a touch of humor.” 
— Penn National Insurance

Dr. Tasha Eurich

“This is the third year in a row we have invited Tasha Eurich to our annual kick off meeting to deliver key messages on leadership.  She is always well prepared, fully engaged with our team, insightful and willing to flex her style to meet the specific needs of our organization.  I welcome her thought leadership and will continue to engage her skills to develop stronger leaders within my global team.” –T-Mobile USA

Lisa Ford

“I think you created the ‘Lisa Ford phenomenon’ after you left.  For the next two days of the meeting, we were able to weave in your messaging and everyone was talking about it!  As I watched around the room, they were quite riveted during your talk.  We plan to keep this alive, and I wanted to thank you for bringing just the right topic with just the right ability to engage our teams.  It’s tough to keep a sales team away from their computers, but you did it for the entire two hours.  You are an incredible speaker and your content was exactly what we were looking for.”
–Global Head, Commercial Strategy, PPD

Howard Putnam

“Thank you again for speaking at the Innovation Summit. I cannot think of a better keynote speaker to have at such an event. Your attention to detail and extra effort of going to the dealer, researching the company, and referencing us personally in your speech was such a wonderful touch.” —Angela Faler: MARC USA on behalf of  IC Bus Innovation Summit