Author: Michele Wallace

5 Tips for Developing a New Speaking Program in 2017

No matter how much we all might try to avoid it or embrace it – it’s that time of year again when we can’t help but contemplate what we want to do differently in the new year.  Will 2017 be

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The Difference Between a Management Company and Speakers Bureau

This question comes up often and, as someone who has worked at both a management company and speakers bureau, I thought I’d do my best to try and answer it. I don’t blame people for being confused – our daily

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Business Speakers: How to Master Pre-Booking Calls: Pt 2

Making Sure You and the Client are a Good Mutual Fit You’re on a potential client’s short list of speakers, and the client would like to set up a pre-booking call with you prior to making a decision. So you’ve done all

How to Master Pre-Booking Calls: Pt 1 – Doing Your Homework

Once a client has a short list of speakers, it’s very common to set up pre-booking calls with them prior to making a decision. Would you hire someone to work for you before speaking with them on the phone? Of

7 Ways New Speakers Can Collect Video Footage

At SpeakersOffice, we receive a lot of inquiries from new speakers who are seeking representation. One of the most common difficulties for speakers who are just starting out in this industry is collecting quality video footage. As a speaker, your

10 Attributes of Successful Speakers

While there isn’t any one “secret” that will work for everyone, I’ve observed successful speakers over 12 years in this industry and here are 10 attributes many of them have in common:1. Relevant experience in their area of expertise (business,

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