Author: Howard Putnam

High Performance Organizations Go Through Transformation Constantly

Howard Putnam

“The rules of engagement have changed” in government and in business. They also changed in aviation on 9-11. We learned that negotiation no longer works with suicide killers. We have to be proactive and take charge and the same is

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How to Transform Organizations Successfully

Howard Putnam

How do you know how to transform a business if you were born on an Iowa farm? That was the key…the Iowa farm, a foundation.   I learned from my Parents the value of:  integrity, honesty, family, team work and helping

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When the Time to Perform Arrives, the Time to Prepare Has Passed

Howard Putnam

“When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.” Fellow SpeakersOffice speaker and Olympic Pommel Horse Gold Medalist with a perfect 10 in 1984, Peter Vidmar, used that line a few years ago.  I asked for his

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Jeff Blackman Interview with Howard Putnam on Vision and Leadership

Hall of Fame speaker and business growth specialist, Jeff Blackman interviewed Howard Putnam which appeared on Jeff’s Results Report.  Check out the interview below: It’s somewhat ironic, that one of the most down-to-earth guys I know, spent his professional career

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Strategic Discipline is Crucial in Turbulent Times

“Nobody sings solo,” was our CEO Eddie Carlson’s favorite line when he was our leader at United Airlines and I was the group vice president of marketing. On my office “wall of fame” are names of leaders and mentors with

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Once You Start..Finish It …Never Give Up

It is October 20, 1968, Mexico City, The Olympic Stadium. The time, 7:00 P.M. The closing ceremonies had just been completed. The spectators and athletes were gathering their belongings to leave the stadium. Then the announcer asked them to remain

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If You Don’t Have Time To Think, Then What?

We get so engrossed in our profession and work, that we don’t take time to “think.” As a leader that is one of our most important responsibilities, some quiet time to reflect, ponder the future and clear out the mind

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Howard Putnam: What Makes Southwest Airlines Different?

Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines recently did an  interview with Vice President of Premiere Speakers, Brian Lord.  In the interview, Howard shares stories about growing up on an Iowa farm, learning how to fly at the age of 12,

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Is Innovation Part of Your Culture?

Innovation will move unemcumbered throughout an organization if the concept is imbedded in the culture. The culture has to suppport the business and vision and be people-positive. Innovation encourages risks. It supports failure. It rewards creativity. It is an ongoing process that

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Leaders: What’s your freakout point?

What is your freakout point? USA Today posed that question to several CEO’s and former CEO’s. I replied that years ago when I was under a lot of stress taking Braniff International Airlines through chapter 11 in Texas, I was

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I am a Great Manager – Just Ask Me

When I was 19 years of age, I was promoted to Passenger Service Manager at Midway Airport in Chicago for Capital Airlines. I had no college, I had no supervisory or managerial training and there I was in charge of

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What’s Your Net Promoter Score?

We all look for ways to measure the customer experience and customer satisfaction.  We have learned over the years that a loyal customer will stick with you through the good times and through the turbulent times.  A satisfied customer may

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Are You Paying Attention to What Works?

Recently, I spent several hours with Simon Sinek ( from New York, who is a marketing strategist and very creative. He has created the “Golden Circle” approach to understanding your business and focusing on what your strengths and course of action

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Do you ever doubt yourself when things aren’t going well?

Many times I have doubted myself when things are not going well and wondered why anyone would want to put their “bets” on me. I would guess it has happened to all of us including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

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Final Chapter – One White Shirt

Many months ago in my weekly email series I wrote one entitled: “Only One White Shirt.” It was the story of Bonnie Whitten, who was my training instructor on the ticket counter, many years ago at Midway Airport in Chicago for

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Remembering Your Best Customers

In the days when I was CEO at Southwest Airlines, just after airline deregulation, we prided ourselves in having frequent, convenient and low priced service between Dallas Love Field and: Houston Hobby, San Antonio, Austin Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans,

Do you inspire loyal customers?

Do you have satisfied customers or a loyal customers? Jeffrey Gitomer in Charlotte, whose expertise is in successful selling techniques, says he will take a loyal customer over a satisfied customer, anytime. A satisfied one may move on to a competitor,

Leadership: “Partnering”

Partnering is probably an overused buzz word, but it works if both parties are sincere in their goals and objectives to create an outcome that benefits both sides. An example. For years, we have all complained about how high automobile

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State of the Airline Industry – Podcast Interview with Howard Putnam

  David Johnson interviews Howard Putnam, former President and CEO, Southwest Airlines and Braniff International, on KRLD’s radio show, “CEO Spotlight,” on Oct. 28, 2009.  Should the government save the airline industry with re-regulation? Listen to Howard’s comments on the latest

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Competing Fairly Reaps the Biggest Rewards

Howard Putnam, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines and Braniff International discusses ethics in business: “Turbulence is inevitable and misery is optional” in business and in your personal life.  Some turbulent situations can be very painful when you stick to your ethics