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5 Strategies to Increase Focus in the Digital Era

Amy Blankson

Did you know that the average attention span of a human has officially dropped below that of a goldfish? Yes, the frequently mocked unintelligent goldfish has an attention span of a brief nine-seconds, while ours now averages at an even briefer,

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It’s No Joke! Humor Positively Impacts Performance

Dr. Tony Alessandra

It seems like every day, a new workplace study finds that suppressing employee individuality is counterproductive. Organizations that encourage their employees’ humor and eccentricities do better than their competitors. Is this because people are more relaxed and comfortable working somewhere

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How Being Mindful Can Up Your Brainpower

Dr. Tony Alessandra

The topic of mindfulness has become an increasingly popular subject among self-improvement enthusiasts and life coaching gurus.  Instead of discussing this concept in the abstract, Dr. Tony writes about the nuts’n’bolts of mindfulness.  What is it?  How do I use

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Platinum Rule® Strategies for Achieving Elephant Sized Goals

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Goals are an endless occurrence. Get this done, get that done, be here, go there. But it’s the elephant sized goals that are the most intimidating. They’re big — sometimes REALLY big. However in truth, the size of the task

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Be Realistic: There Is No Limit to What You Can Do

Have you ever thought about what you could do, if you really decided to? I’m not merely talking about what your skills, education and talents are capable of. I’m talking about what is really possible for you. There is a

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