Speakers Reviews

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Neil Pasricha

“Neil Pasricha was a 10/5. He knocked it out of the park! He was so humble and easy to work with. He is super engaging and had the audience glued. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very gracious and stayed behind to sign books and connect with people.” – Sangeeta Bhatnagar, GTACC

Scott Klososky

“Thank you for helping us make the 2015 Executive Vision Summit a truly engaging and dynamic forum for the healthcare executives. Your keynote on Harnessing the Power of Digital Technologies to Maximize Performance, Loyalty and Satisfaction was highly ranked.  I think you’ll enjoy some of the comments that we’ve excerpted from the survey of attendees:

  • “Excellent content and insight”
  • “Fascinating.  Applied to healthcare.  Industry expert.  Shared slides and web resources to allow us to actually apply our learning”
  • “Loved the concept of technology maturity model”
  • “Fabulous content and insight”
  • “Number 1 presenter of the conference and that says a lot as they were all great.  Maybe the best overall conference I have attended in 30 years”

It was a pleasure working with you.”  –TriZetto Corporation

Dr. Nido Qubein

“Nido’s program exceeded expectations. He was on his ‘A’ game…I have already heard people referring to his quotes…’garbage in, garbage stays’ as well as create a ‘to be’ list not a ‘to do’ list and a few other ones. My team loved him.” Mirantis

Howard Putnam

“Howard, we have received rave reviews from our leadership team about your presentation and the relevance of your experiences and messages to the challenges we face in our business today. And many people stopped me throughout the course of the next two days to comment on your talk. Believe me, that is not an everyday occurrence here, so you really struck the right chord with our global leaders. Thanks for sharing your time and insights with us.” –Westinghouse Electric Company

Rowdy McLean

“Rowdy is one of the few speakers I am happy to use, time and time again. His presentations drive home great points and my clients have left motivated to make a change! The impact he has is amazing… feedback is ALWAYS positive! If you’re looking for a down to earth, no fuss speaker that will make an impact on your audience… Rowdy is your man!” —ActionCOACH Corporate

Dr. Tony Alessandra

“There are some very exciting things coming together for the Referral Institute because of Tony. It was an honor to meet him. He was wonderful to watch as he talked with all of us Referral Institute owners because he was so gracious and patient with all of us. We love having ‘Rock Stars’ like him share his expertise.” –Referral Institute

Neil Pasricha

“Neil has such great energy and his positivity is incredible and infectious. We’ve held our event for years and thanks to Neil we had the best one so far!” – Pam August, Organizational Development, WestJet

Michelle Gielan

“Michelle  exceeded expectations and really reinforced the message we wanted to deliver to our attendees.  This aided greatly in achieving our goal of setting the tone for a positive convention where minds were open to learning new ideas and attendees left inspired to accomplish more with their businesses.” – President, United Real Estate

Shawn Achor

“Shawn’s presentation exceeded our expectations (both for those of us that put the program together as well as our attendees). We already knew from the TEDx video that he was a dynamic presenter but then to meet him in person and have him be so down to earth and genuine was a big bonus. This was particularly beneficial for us with our group being so small (approximately 25 people) and the main goal for them to connect and learn from each other. Having Shawn kick-off our event set the tone for the next two days. There were several attendees over the next two days who referenced different portions of Shawn’s session and would comment on how they started their day with their gratitude’s. Many also plan to read his book to help them with the process for setting new habits.”  — Threshold Group

Kelly McDonald

“I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation at the Pet Industry Leadership Conference. Your topic was spot on in helping our members better understand the changing demographics of the American consumer. Your strategies for selling to people “not like us” and real world examples of how successful companies are reaching this highly individualized market were clear and timely. What most impressed me was your high-energy delivery. You clearly had a deep understanding of the topic and confidence in presenting your material to our audience. Your humor, enthusiasm and engaging personality brought the content to life. Eighty-eight percent of those responding to our post conference survey rated your seminar as excellent/good, with 65% of that total in the excellent category. Actually, all I needed to see was the line of folks waiting to get an autographed copy of your book to know that you were a hit with our audience.”
Pet Industry Distributors Association

Dr. Brené Brown

“Brené’s talk was transformational for the people present. We have had a deluge of positive comments, feedback and thank you messages, as well as streams of discussion posts on our internal jive platform. Two members of the audience approached one of our executives and hugged him to thank him for bringing Brené to Citi. What impressed us most about her, was her ability to effortlessly tell her story, while making it relevant to the banking and regulatory reality of the people in the audience. She also expertly referenced our broader culture change work at Citi. She could not have done a better job. She nailed it!” — Citi

Kelly McDonald

“Kelly did a wonderful job of articulating generational differences in regards to culture, work ethic and social dynamics and applied them to the insurance workplace in order to assist our industry in operating successful independent agencies.” –Attendee, Michigan Association of Insurance Agents Convention

Neil Pasricha

“Dale Carnegie was last century. Stephen Covey was last decade. Neil Pasricha is what’s now.” – Susan Cain, Author of Quiet

Sally Hogshead

“In my career, I have had the distinct privilege of working with the highest caliber of speakers from the worlds of business, sports and politics. I have never seen the type of response Sally received post-presentation. Our audience sought her out, really wanted to connect and to speak with her about her presentation and her findings. And, Sally was so gracious. She truly took the time to have meaningful conversations and to leave our audience with very personalized, actionable game plans for moving forward in their careers and lives.” –The Newport Group

Amy Blankson

“Amy was fantastic and definitely exceeded our expectations. She hit a cord with every single guest at our luncheon event.  From my perspective, she knows her arena and area of expertise.  The educators liked her as well.”Director of Development, The Joy School

Kelly McDonald

“Kelly’s program exceeded expectations. It has increased the self-awareness of our employees on how they affect the customer experience and the topic in general. With our increased corporate focus on customer experience, Kelly’s presentation set the stage nicely for our 2016 initiatives.”–Society Insurance

Dr. Tasha Eurich

• Tasha is a great, engaged speaker
• Excellent, engaging and challenged me to improve as a leader
• Refreshingly different aspect of leadership development
• Great day! Gave me very helpful tools and understanding
• Powerful, pertinent, eye-opening, invigorating
–Anonymous Audience Evaluation, Executive Development Program, University of Dayton

Neil Pasricha

“With simple effortlessness, Neil renders complex ideas easily memorable and everyday practical.” – Col. Chris Hadfield, Former Commander of the International Space Station

Dr. Tasha Eurich

“Tasha was fantastic.  This was more than just a session on academic leadership theory.  She shared practical, actionable advice and it was clear that she had taken the time to customize her content to our context.” —AICPA EDGE Conference Committee Member

Sally Hogshead

“We could not have found a better choice for the keynote at The Special Event. Sally hit it out of the park! I can’t say enough great things.” –General Session Producer for The Special Event