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When the Time to Perform Arrives, the Time to Prepare Has Passed

Howard Putnam

“When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.” Fellow SpeakersOffice speaker and Olympic Pommel Horse Gold Medalist with a perfect 10 in 1984, Peter Vidmar, used that line a few years ago.  I asked for his

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4 Slam-Dunk Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Peter Vidmar

This article by Carol Egan,  featuring Peter Vidmar, was originally published on Confidence is not something we are born with or inherit. Confidence is something we grow, we develop. When I am in my zone, when I am fully in

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Interview with Peter Vidmar: Practice As If It’s Competition

Peter Vidmar

“Practice as if it’s competition, but compete as if it’s practice.” ~ Peter Vidmar James McPartland, author of Unopened Gifts, talks with Olympic gold medalist, Peter Vidmar about time & emotional management in this video interview on In this interview with

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10 Tips to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Resolution

Mind Over MattressSince I continue to perform on the pommel horse frequently when I speak (and because people who are remotely good at math realize my Olympic experience was quite a few years ago), I’m constantly asked what my fitness

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Peter Vidmar Interview: Risk, Originality, Virtuosity (ROV)

  Since leading the 1984 US Men’s Gymnastics Team to its first-ever Olympic Gold Medal, Peter Vidmar has been helping people throughout the country realize their own potential. In this interview with business partner, Brian Lord of Premiere Speakers, Peter discusses

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6 Steps to Accomplishing a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

“Put your head down and get to work!” Wow. That’s not something we really want to hear from anyone. But that’s what I shouted at myself, while riding 5 miles per hour, up a hill, into a 30 mile per

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Podcast: Peter Vidmar on Risk, Originality, Virtuosity & Success!

Recently, Peter Vidmar, the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history, was interviewed on “Brainstormin’ with Billy the Brain” on KKZZ Radio. Using his Olympic preparation and experiences, Peter explained the principles of Risk, Originality and Virtuosity (ROV), and how

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The Right Step: Overcome the Insurmountable

The British knighted Sir Edmund Hillary for going where no one had gone before. Hillary was the New Zealand mountain climber who, along with Tenzing Norgay of Nepal, became the first to climb the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest,

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Finding the Inner Strength

It was the early 1950’s. The country was still recovering from the second World War, and John Vidmar felt he was a fortunate man. He had a good job and was rising through the ranks as a sales rep with

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Mind over Mattress

10 Tips to Stay Committed to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Since I continue to perform on the pommel horse every time I speak (and because people who are good at math realize my Olympic experience was quite a few

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How to Keep Your Eye on the Gold

The win-win story of a truly honorable Olympic Competitor  At the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, one athlete, representing all athletes, holds a corner of the Olympic flag and recites the following: “In the name of all competitors, I

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Visualize Your Way to Success

In my presentations, I often speak on the importance of visualization – the ability to picture something in your mind and prepare for it, long before you face the actual moment of truth.  I tried this with my youngest son,

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